About Association for Development of Knowledge

Association for Development of Knowledge, develop, up-date and promote knowledge and competence, lifelong learning as well as transfer and exchange of information about education, human resources development, motivation, quality and personal development and progress.

Economy and society in general need applicable knowledge on high level leading to skills, capabilities and competences for affective performance and management. Successful organizations are aware for some time now that they can maintain competitive advantage only with the right human resources, since the differences between excellent and average organizations on other areas are minimal.

Qualification structure – knowledge and competences of human resources – is one of the significant organizational characteristics. Human resources with adequate qualifications and competences will be able to optimally use their knowledge and skills and will achieve better results, higher quality, will be inventive and innovative, in short, to achieve the added value that enables a good position of the organization on the market.

In the context of ongoing and project work Association for Development of Knowledge therefore works in close association with employers and their organizations and with their active involvement detects new knowledge, skills and competences, that economy and other organizations need to achieve objectives, ambitions and sustainable growth. Competences that employers need actual competences (which students get in education system) and the differences between both are base for definition and development of professional professional qualifications, that are needed in specific branches and companies.


Professional Qualifications System is complementary to the formal education system and national vocational qualification system and enables significantly faster reaction to the needs of employers for skills and competences. Professional Qualifications are designed specifically for combination of tasks or work, recognized by employers as important and necessary to carry out entrusted work or task or to achieve specific business result, contract or order.

Professional Qualifications System is a result of years of monitoring trends in the labor market and experience in the field of formal and non-formal education and national vocational qualification system and, as such, response to the growing deficit of specific knowledge, skills and competencies and to the needs of employers for faster adaptation of qualifications to their needs as well as to increasingly strict human resources requirements in sense of specific certificates to compete in the international market.

Combination with preliminary analysis opens new opportunities in knowledge management and fast reaction to developments in technology, work processes, market requirements and ultimately to changes in the human resources structure or employment policy of organizations.


Through monitoring trends and labour market needs we promote development and progress of our society and ensure continuous professional development of human resources. We are  committed to high standards of our development and education work.

In cooperation with the economy and other organizations we develop flexible and transparent qualification structures according to the labour market needs. We participate in the innovative projects for development of new knowledge, skills and competences, new initiatives and opportunities.


We will become facilitator of employers and their associations in the field of human resources development. We will be promoter of development and integration of new knowledge skills and competences.
We will be known by professionalism, excellence and reliability.


To increase the competitiveness of our customers by monitoring labour market needs and continual development of new educational and training contents.


– to ensure accessibility to professional qualifications in all Slovene areas;
– to maintain and expand the portfolio of professional qualifications;
– to disseminate and promote the Professional Qualifications System;
– to strengthen strategic links to the economy and other employers;
– expand partner network in Slovenia and internationally;
– develop new knowledge, skills and competences and identify new opportunities.

Co-operation with Association for Development of Knowledge


We cooperate with employers and their associations to identify labour market needs for knowledge skills and competences and to define professional qualifications. Employers’ associations are, according to internal regulations of the Association for Development of Knowledge, responsive for validation and approval of the content of Standards of Professional Qualifications and Examination Catalogues as well as for appointment of members of examinations commissions and boards. This assures high quality of work and attainment of approved standards.


As professional qualifications are recognized by employers, working on the international market, it is possible to transfer professional qualifications to other national environments.
National offices that have agreement with the Association for Development of Knowledge therefore ensure localization (adaptation to national labour market and other conditions), implementation of professional qualifications and certification of professional qualifications with regard to the frame and regulations of the professional qualifications system.


Professional qualifications can be acquired through working experience and by training in preparatory courses. Association for Development of Knowledge certifies professional qualifications and cannot provide training as well. Association therefor e has and develops network of training providers, which can be schools, adult education providers, companies and other organizations with required material conditions and lecturers.

Should you be interested in any kind of co-operation please contact us.


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